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Child Custody and Visitation Practice Center

The timely, cost-effective resolution of child custody and visitation conflicts calls for an attorney who is experienced in handling family law matters. Contact John M. Milazo of the Williamson County, TN law firm Milazo Law, P.C., with over 13 years experience in the area of child custody and visitation, today to schedule a consultation and case evaluation.

Child Custody and Visitation lawyer in Franklin, Tennessee

Are you facing divorce, have concerns regarding the custody of your child, or are worried about your visitation rights? At the Franklin, Tennessee, law firm of Milazo Law, we understand how important child-related issues are in divorce cases, and have helped hundreds of parents accomplish their full custody and visitation rights in instances of dissolution of marriage.

John M. Milazo has over 13 years of knowledge and seasoned litigation skills in the area of Child Custody and Visitation. John MIlazo has helped hundreds of parents obtain their full child custody and visitation rights through negotiation and mediation, as well as through courtroom litigation. For a no-charge consultation regarding your concerns, call 615-599-7719, to discuss the details of your particular custody and visitation concerns.

Child Custody and Visitation - An Overview

The resolution of child custody and visitation disputes requires divorcing parents to act rationally in their child's best interests at a time when they are facing the overwhelming stress of divorce. Joint custody and sole custody, legal custody and physical custody, custody evaluations and modifications are terms with which a divorcing parent will become familiar. Knowledgeable advice and skilled representation from an experienced family law attorney at Milazo Law in Franklin, Tennessee, can assist you in your pursuit of a fair custody arrangement.

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Creating Parenting Plans that Work

A parenting plan is an agreement that outlines a child custody arrangement. It takes into account arrangements such as who has the kids on which days, who makes major decisions about matters such as the children's education and health, and what to do if any parent's situation significantly changes. Parents who agree on a parenting plan rather than let the court decide are often more likely to comply with custody arrangements.

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Divorce Education

The ongoing health and mental well-being of children during divorce often depends upon how their parents interact following the decision to end the marriage. An experienced family law attorney can inform, guide and support you throughout the divorce and custody process.

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Custody and Visitation Dos and Don'ts

One thing divorce does not change is your being a parent. Whether you develop a traditional visitation schedule or a flexible co-parenting plan, whether the arrangement is temporary or permanent, you can help make the time you spend with your children happy and productive. When questions regarding custody and visitation arise, an experienced family law attorney is the ideal source for competent counsel.

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Custody Evaluations: What You Should Know

If you and your former spouse have been unable to reach an agreement regarding child custody, the family court judge deciding your case may order a custody evaluation. A custody evaluation is a process in which a mental health professional, usually a psychologist, evaluates you, your children and your children's other parent in order to make a custody and visitation recommendation to the court. Courts tend to give considerable weight to the recommendations of the evaluator. A family law attorney can explain custody evaluations and answer your child custody questions.

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Child Custody and Visitation Resource Links

ABA Custody Criteria Report
The American Bar Association offers this table with current custody criteria for all 50 states.

US State Department: International Child Abduction
This Web page is a US Department of State guide for people whose children have been parentally abducted and taken across an international border.

Children's Rights Council
The CRC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the idea that both parents should be involved in their children's lives; the CRC provides free drop-off/pick-up centers for custody transfers.

Human Rights Campaign: Custody
HRC's website provides information for gay and lesbian parents who are fighting for custody of their children.

Office of Child Support and Enforcement
The Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) Administration for Children and Families helps to locate parents and enforce child support obligations.

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