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Uncontested Divorce Legal Help in Franklin TN

Uncontested Divorce in Williamson County Tennessee

An Uncontested Divorce most always resolves faster and less expensively than Contested Divorces. At the Franklin, Tennessee, law firm of Milazo Law, P.C. John M. Milazo has handled hundreds of them. Whether your Divorce involves minor children or if you do not have any kids it will be far easier and less expensive to dissolve your marriage without conflict in an Uncontested Divorce.

Uncontested Divorce a.k.a. Irreconcilable Differences is the manner in which most divorces are ultimately handled. In order to be granted an uncontested divorce by the court, you must have reached an agreement on all issues including: your property, debts, financial accounts, retirement accounts, real estate and any mortgages on the real estate. Of course if children are involved the parenting rights and responsibilities of each parent as well as the payment of child support pursuant to the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines must be resolved and set out specifically in a Permanent Parenting Plan.

While most divorces are ultimately resolved under Irreconcilable Differences most of them truly cannot be classified as Un-contested. Why?

Because, personal preferences of the parties and certain legal considerations and requirements can quickly present unavoidable complications. For instance:

  • Tennessee state guidelines governing child support will be applied by the Court regardless of parents' proposals and plans. Parents often agree to waive child support, but this is rarely approved by the courts as a deviation from the guidelines. An attorney can help. 
  • Banks may not agree to remove one spouse from the home mortgage.
  • Vague or general plans regarding children can lead to strife and are not favored by the Court.
  • Often, all of the key issues may not have been thoroughly discussed.
  • Or, after speaking with an attorney one party or the other realizes that the original agreement was not in their best interests or that of the children.
Female signing a document during a High-Asset Divorce case in Franklin, TN

It is best to begin the process with an experienced Divorce attorney who does not label a divorce as Contested or Uncontested. The dissolution of any marriage should be approached with the same thorough examination by a legal professional who has the experience and compassion necessary to work with a client to outline all of the matters that will be an issue in the dissolution of a particular marriage. An experienced Divorce Lawyer can increase the likelihood of your divorce being uncontested. With your lawyers knowledge of the law and insight drawn from hundreds of divorces, many similar to yours; and with your having shared with your attorney all of the issues, schedules, needs and characteristics unique to your family a carefully tailored Marital Dissolution Agreement and Permanent Parenting Plan can be drafted. Doing so with your attorney, prior to discussing this with your spouse, can keep you from committing to a position that is not in your best interests. Presenting your spouse with a fair, but thorough proposal for settlement may save you a lot of stress and money in the future.

Online divorce services often fail to address issues that quickly surface once divorce proceedings have begun, and flat-fee attorneys focusing on fast, low-cost divorces sometimes draft unworkable agreements, and then provide no follow up when conflicts arise.

When issues arise in your divorce, be prepared to handle them with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyer. At Milazo Law, John M. Milazo and staff have handled hundreds of divorces, and can work both to resolve and prevent disputes while advocating for your rights. A well written agreement and a thorough Permanent Parenting Plan can save a family thousands of dollars and more importantly a great deal of stress in the future. For more information, contact us for a no-charge initial consultation.

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