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Retired Criminal Charge in Williamson County, Tennessee

Expunged Record After Retired Case Attorney in Franklin Tennessee

Sometimes the State can prove that you are guilty of an offense, but an experienced criminal defense attorney can help keep your record clean anyway. This is often the case when a person has committed a crime that the victim does not want to prosecute. As a result of settlement negotiations between the experienced criminal defense attorney like John Milazo at the Franklin Tennessee law firm of Milazo Law, P.C. and the District Attorney prosecuting a criminal matter, many times cases are retired or placed on the retired docket. This means that the matter will not be prosecuted for a specific amount of time set out in the agreement and as long as all conditions are met, the matter will be dismissed after the time period is met. Conditions of a matter being retired can be as simple as refraining from criminal activity during the period that the matter is retired, or they may be as complex as: anger management classes, random drug screens, drug and alcohol assessment and treatment, restitution or community service. After successful completion of the conditions and time period set out in the agreement the matter may be dismissed. At that time you may submit the necessary documentation and the matter will be expunged from your criminal record.

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If you have had a matter retired and you have completed the time and conditions of the agreement, you may contact the criminal defense attorney at Milazo Law, Attorney at Law and discuss having the matter expunged from your criminal record.

For a free initial consultation, call John Milazo at 615-599-7719 if your criminal charge could qualify to be retired rather than prosecuted.