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Franklin Probation Violation Lawyer

Violation of Probation is a very serious and must be handled very carefully. Violating any of the terms or conditions of your probation can result in among other penalties, jail time. It is important to have an attorney familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the county where you have been charged. John M. Milazo of Milazo Law P. C. located in Franklin Tennessee in Williamson County has been a practicing criminal defense lawyer for more than 13 years and is familiar with judges and prosecutors in Williamson County and the surrounding counties of Middle Tennessee.

Whether you are facing an 11 months 29 day sentence for a misdemeanor or several years for violating your probation on a more serious felony you need the help of an attorney. Call John M. Milazo at 615-599-7719 or contact us here in order to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your best defense to a charge of violation of probation.

Williamson County Tennessee Probation Violation Lawyer

In order to successfully defend a violation of probation an experienced criminal defense attorney must first thoroughly evaluate the defendant and his or her particular situation. The nature of the probation violation will determine the course of action to be taken when representing a person charged with violating probation. For instance a failed drug screen could mean that a client is dealing with addiction and a drug and alcohol assessment should be completed in order to demonstrate to the court that this was not intended to be disrespectful, but is the natural and predictable result of a person battling an addiction disease. A failed drug screen for marijuana may be a person who is dealing with depression and has not fully appreciated the negative impact violating probation will have on his or her life.

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Franklin TN Probation Violation Attorney

In order to successfully defend a person who has failed a drug test while on probation and resulted in a probation violation warrant an experience criminal defense lawyer must determine the reason the defendant has consumed the illegal substance. The attorney must be able to demonstrate to the court that proper actions have been taken to prevent such behavior from continuing to occur. John Milazo of Milazo law P.C. has the experience and compassion for his clients necessary to ascertain what it is in the client's life that has led them to violate the terms of their probation knowing that there will be consequences. You can discuss your matter with John Milazo at a free initial consultation and with your help he can determine the best course of action necessary to successfully defend your probation violation.