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Contested Divorce in Williamson County Tennessee

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Whether your divorce involves children, or if you do not have any kids, divorce can be very stressful and financially devastating to both parties. Hiring the right attorney can save you and your family a great deal of stress and thousands of dollars. For a free initial consultation with an experienced Divorce Trial Attorney, call John Milazo of the Franklin, TN firm of Milazo Law, P.C. at (615) 599-7719. Contested Divorce is handled very differently now than they once were. Not so many years ago, divorces were not as common and the law required that one spouse or the other must prove grounds for divorce. Now, if ultimately an agreement is reached on all issues between the parties including, in a divorce with children, a Permanent Parenting Plan, a divorce can be granted on Irreconcilable Differences. While the vast majority of divorces are granted on the ground of Irreconcilable Differences they certainly could not have been characterized as Uncontested Divorces.

Divorce Attorney Williamson County Tennessee

A Contested Divorce can stem from Adultery. This is a legal ground for Contested Divorce, but can be expensive or hard to prove. It may be necessary to do so, in order to prove that a spouse is either hiding money or assets, or is dissipating marital assets by spending them on the Paramour. If you know your spouse is having an affair that they refuse to admit to, it can be easy for an attorney to allow you to spend thousands of dollars, often unnecessarily, in an effort to prove it. In many cases this compounds the deterioration of the relationship between parents as a result of unnecessary and embarrassing probing into the adulterous relationship. While it can be somewhat satisfying and can make you feel vindicated for having suspected the affair, this can cause a divorce to cost tens of thousands of dollars more than necessary. You should consult with an experienced attorney who has your best interests at heart to determine the extent to which proving adultery may affect the outcome of your divorce.

BEWARE OF ATTORNEYS who promise to see you vindicated and who prey upon your wounded emotional state, telling you what you want hear, but not what the ultimate cost will be to you, your children or your financial position.

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Sometimes a Contested Divorce cannot be avoided and the matter must proceed to trial. Domestic Violence, addiction, emotional abuse, immaturity or unrealistic expectations may make a settlement unrealistic even in mediation. In a Contested Divorce that proceeds to trial it is important to have chosen an attorney to represent you, from beginning to end, that has the experience and legal knowledge necessary to accomplish your goals for you and your children. John Milazo of Milazo law P.C. has this experience and legal knowledge. These along with a deep passion for helping clients protect their children and their futures, from toxic spouses; has helped us at Milazo Law, P.C. help hundreds of families just like yours. Visit us at our downtown Franklin location in the Carter Cotton Gin House at 109 Cleburne St, Franklin, TN 37064 in Williamson County Tennessee for a free initial consultation or call us at (615) 599-7719.

Contested divorces can stem also from financial pressure placed on families by a weakened economy, poor consumer choices and a Housing Value Crisis. For some families, consulting a bankruptcy attorney before consulting a divorce attorney could bring you the peace for which you are searching. Bankruptcy is not a decision, it is a dollar figure. If you are there, contact a Bankruptcy Attorney who can help you decide if that is what your family needs. Here at Milazo Law, P.C. we do not practice Bankruptcy Law. We focus on dissolving families through divorce and guiding people through the process with as little disruption to their lives or the lives of their children as possible.

Sometimes the complexity of a High-Asset Divorce can cause an otherwise simple divorce to become complicated and therefore contested. When there are several retirement accounts, 401(K) accounts, many pieces of real estate, vacation homes or condos, or other expensive luxury items it can be easy for one spouse to hide money from the other. Even when neither party is hiding money, when high income or high-asset individuals go through the divorce process suspicion of the lesser earning spouse may lead to accusations and other complicating factors. An experienced divorce attorney who has handled countless contested divorces can meet with you and after careful examination of your specific situation can help you determine a fair division of your assets and can fight for you if necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for you in a divorce. For your free consultation please call (615) 599-7719 to speak ot John Milazo who will be happy to help you.

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