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Franklin TN Child Support Attorney

Whether parents of a minor child were previously married or even if they never resided together in the same household, it is necessary to calculate the proper amount of support to be ordered paid by the Alternative Residential Parent. It is important to have your situation closely assessed by a skilled trial attorney to determine if you are paying or receiving the proper amount of support under the current guidelines. The Tennessee Statutory Child Support Guidelines establish a mathematical formula for determining each party's financial responsibility for supporting the minor children. This formula takes into account: the amount of each party's respective parenting times, each party's adjusted gross income, the number of children involved, other qualified children residing in each party's residence, childcare expenses, health insurance expenses and recurring medical expenses. There is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet referred to as the Child Support Worksheet (be sure to enable macros) which is used to calculate the proper support amount and this must be submitted with any support order.

Franklin, Tennessee, Williamson County Child Support lawyer

Once the parties' respective parenting times have been determined, there is usually little to discuss when calculating support. However, determining the parties' incomes is one area where parties will tend to disagree. In situations where one party is self-employed or receives varying bonuses or overtime pay the circumstance may become more difficult and require litigation. Usually, through the process of discovery and thereafter mediation, these issues can be resolved with less expense incurred.

Child support may be paid directly to the other parent, by direct deposit into the receiving parent's bank account or by a wage assignment and through the Child Support Services Office of the Department of Human Services of Tennessee. If you are a parent and not receiving child support you may petition the court via the Child Support Services Office to begin receiving support. This service will be provided almost free of charge, but will not address issues of visitation, or parenting responsibilities. Likewise, if you are ordered to pay support in an amount that you feel is not equitable or that falls within the established guidelines you may seek relief by contacting the Child Support Services Office and requesting that your matter is placed before the court for review. Although this service is provided almost free of charge, many patrons find the process frustrating and are often disappointed with the bureaucratic nature in which their case is handled.

Many cases involve individuals who may be either underemployed or even deceitfully hiding income. Other situations may involve income which varies dramatically based upon seasonal occupations, commission based pay, irregular bonuses or non-taxed or 1099 income. While the caseworkers and attorneys at the Child Support Services Office are capable of addressing these concerns, you may be more comfortable retaining the services of a professional private attorney like John M. Milazo at Milazo Law, P. C. who will give your case the attention that it deserves.

Child Support, ordered by a court, is enforceable by penalty of incarceration. The laws of the State of Tennessee allow a parent who is not receiving the ordered support to obtain a judgment for the amount of support that may be executed upon by garnishment of the obligor's wages, personal property, income tax refund and even the proceeds of the pending lawsuit. Furthermore, you may be able to collect your attorney's fees and other costs incurred as a result of being forced to file a petition to collect unpaid support. Therefore, if you are not receiving the support ordered by the court then you should certainly contact the Child Support Services Office or an experienced attorney such as John M. Milazo of Milazo Law, P. C. to begin enforcing the support order. Likewise, whether you are the support obligor or the party receiving support, if the 15% deviation required by the guidelines has been met and is in your favor you should proceed by filing a petition in the appropriate court to adjust the obligation.

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By John Milazo

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