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Parental Relocation Attorney in Franklin, TN

Parental Relocation Lawyer | Williamson County, Tennessee | Maury County TN

Every parenting plan entered in the State of Tennessee contains what is often referred to as the "Parental Relocation Statute" or a provision for what steps must be taken by a parent who wishes to relocate out of the state of Tennessee or more than 100 miles away from the other parent. First, the parent wishing to relocate must send a certified letter to the other parent stating where they intend to move, when they intend to move and why they have decided to move. The other parent is then under the burden to file a Notice of Opposition to the Relocation if they are opposed to the relocation.

Whether you are trying to move away and take your kids with you or you are a parent who wants to stop the other parent from moving your children to another state or more than 100 miles away, you need a lawyer who will help you do what is best for you and your child or children. John Milazo has handled many Divorce and Post-Divorce matters where one parent has given Notice of His or Her Intent to Relocate with the Parties' Minor Children. John M. Milazo of Milazo Law, P.C. located in Franklin, Williamson County TN will meet with you for a Free Initial Consultation in person or on the phone and will help you determine if relocation is best for your family and what provisions should be added to your new Permanent Parenting Plan to help maximize each parents time with the children and to minimize the impact the Relocation, if approved by the Court, will have on each parent's ability to co-parent their kids. To speak with John Milazo call (615) 599-7719 or CLICK HERE to leave a message through this website and we will contact you shortly.

There are two different standards that the court must follow in deciding whether or not to allow a parent to relocate. When the parents are exercising "substantially equal" parenting time, then it is a best interest analysis, i.e., is it better for the child to be here with the parent not relocating or best for the child to be with the parent that is relocating. If the parents are not exercising substantially equal parenting time then so long as the move is for a reasonable purpose then the parent can relocate, unless the other parent can prove that the relocation is vindictive, will substantially harm the child, or certain other specific instances that would not be in the child's best interest.

An experienced and knowledgeable attorney, such as John M. Milazo of the Franklin, TN law firm Milazo Law, P.C. who is familiar with the judges in the jurisdiction can assess your case based on your particular circumstances and help you to protect your time with your child or children whether you are seeking to relocate or to prevent the other parent from relocating. You may contact John M. Milazo at (615) 599-7719 to discuss the details of your situation or you may CLICK HERE to leave a message through this website that will be promptly returned.

We help parents on both sides of move-away disputes, i.e. parents who wish to move and parents who wish to prevent a move. Parents who wish to move often succeed in a modification under the following circumstances:

  • The custodial parent needs to move near family members to obtain help because he or she suffers from a health issue.
  • The custodial parent lost a job and must relocate for a new employment opportunity or to utilize family resources.

Should the other parent be allowed to relocate under Tennessee Law John M. Milazo of the Franklin TN law firm Milazo Law, P.C., located in Williamson County, can help to craft a Permanent Parenting Plan to optimize your time with your child, modify your child support based on the increased transportation costs, and help you to avoid potential pitfalls that are commonly encountered when providing for long distance visitation.

Parents who wish to prevent a move often succeed under the following circumstances:

  • By demonstrating that a child's interest will be best served by keeping him or her near a family support network, medical care or school.
  • By demonstrating that a child's temperament is not conducive to a move.
  • By demonstrating that the other parent is moving for the primary purpose of deterring visitation
  • By demonstrating that there is no reasonable purpose for the move

In order to prevent the other parent of your child or children from relocating there may be steps that need to be taken. John Milazo of the law firm Milazo Law, P.C. can assist you in filing a Petition in Opposition to the relocation in the appropriate Court. There is generally a requirement, although it can be waived in certain limited circumstances, that the parties attend mediation before a relocation case can be set for a trial before the court. John M. Milazo is an attorney experienced in filing, prosecuting, and defending actions regarding Parental Relocation in the courts of Franklin, TN. Call (615 ) 599-7719 or CLICK HERE to leave a message for John Milazo and we will contact you back shortly.

Experienced in Relocation Case in Williamson County, Maury County, and Surrounding Middle Tennessee Area

Parental relocation cases now involve new factors ranging for the connective opportunities that social networking can provide to the question of who will pay for travel expenses once a move-away is approved.

Generally, cases boil down to Tennessee Law and its provision that parents with physical custody of children can relocate to another city, state or even country unless the other parent can demonstrate that the move will "substantially harm" the child or is sought for malicious or vindictive purposes. For experienced legal help on either side of a parental relocation dispute, contact us for a no-charge initial consultation at (615) 599-7719.

Parental Relocation Lawyer | Columbia Tennessee | Maury County

Parents who reside in, or were divorced in Columbia TN, Mt. Pleasant, Spring Hill or in Maury County must revisit the Chancery Court or Circuit Court where they were divorced either to seek permission to, or to oppose, a move or to enter a new Permanent Parenting Plan. Parents who were never married, but who have an existing Permanent Parenting Plan or Child Custody Order, must appear in Maury County Juvenile Court. If the parents were never married, and no Order exists it may not be necessary to give Notice or ask for the Court's permission before relocating with the children, but you may wish to consult with a lawyer to decide what is best for your situation.

John Milazo is pleased to serve clients in Williamson County, Franklin TN, Brentwood TN, Fairview TN, Spring Hill TN, Maury County, Columbia TN, Mt. Pleasant TN, Hickman County, Centerville TN, Lyles TN, Davidson County, Nashville TN, Lewis County, Hohenwald TN, Perry County, Rutherford County, Murfreesboro TN, Giles County, Pulaski, TN Marshall County, Lewisburg TN, Smyrna TN, Linden TN, Dickson County, Dickson TN, Burns TN, Sumner County, Gallatin, TN, Robertson County, Springfield, TN, Giles County, Pulaski, TN Marshall County, Lewisburg TN, Bedford County, Shelbyville TN, and would be happy to serve you as well.

By John Milazo

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