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Williamson County TN Family Law Attorney

Franklin Tennessee Family Law Lawyer

John M. Milazo of Milazo Law, P.C. is an aggressive Divorce and Family attorney who has practiced in and around Franklin Tennessee Williamson County and the surrounding counties of Middle Tennessee for more than 14 years. This experience has allowed John to grow as a legal professional giving him unique practical knowledge coupled with a passion for helping families navigate the unfamiliar and often intimidating processes which may be encountered as family's transition through a Divorce, post-divorce or co-parenting scenario. If your family is transitioning through a Divorce, post-divorce or co-parenting phase you should seek the advice and guidance of an experienced Family Law Attorney who has helped hundreds of families through such tragic events. John Milazo of the firm Milazo Law, P.C. has the experience and passion necessary to guide you to your family's best direction. The compassion and commitment to not just the clients, but to their families as well, is what sets us apart from other firms.

Lawyer Helping Families through Divorce in Tennessee

Families today face obstacles in an unprecedented fashion. Addiction is increasing not only among adults but in children of very young ages. Domestic Violence has always existed but seems to be increasing as well. The current state of our economy is such that many families have seen their budgets reduced by one if not both of their incomes. Now faced with the reduced income, the increased pressure on the family caused by this new financial stress is more than one or both parties can stand. This stress may in some families lead to addiction, infidelity, domestic violence and ultimately a divorce. An attorney who has the compassion and concern for a family and the necessary experience to draw suggestions and solutions from is important to have on your side when your family faces issues such as this. You should be prepared for a fight if it becomes necessary, but a good lawyer should be solution oriented and help rather than exacerbate an already difficult time for a family.

In other families, not joined by marriage, these same issues may still exist only in these families, often times the parents may have never really known or respected one another much less been involved in a loving and committed relationship. These families must still face the difficult issues involved in parenting a child or children, but may find it more difficult to achieve the cooperation necessary to meet their respective goals for their children. These families need the help of an experienced Family Law attorney to help them implement a plan which serves their child's best interests. For help with your Family Law problem and to speak to John M. Milazo for a free initial consultation call us at (615) 599-7719 or Contact Us Here.

Many families have found themselves embattled in constant litigation which often only leads to less effective communication and additional expenses placed on the family. This can be avoided with the help of a Family Law Attorney who is passionate about helping families, but is willing to fight for you and your children if the situation calls for such action. Whether you are facing a divorce with children, or if you have children and were not married to the other parent, you will require a detailed Permanent Parenting Plan that is tailored to the specific needs of your family and that adequately allocates your respective parenting responsibilities and provides for the proper financial support for your child or children. John M. Milazo of Milazo Law, P.C., Attorney at Law, has more than 14 years of experience in helping families such as yours resolve their Family Law matters. At Milazo Law, P.C. you will meet one on one with your attorney, John M. Milazo, and will discuss your family's specific situation and will work to identify all of your family's needs. These may include division of real property (i.e. the marital residence or other real estate), allocation of marital debt, identification of the separate property of either spouse, the identification of the separate debts of either spouse, retirement 401K or other financial accounts which may be in the name of either party and may need to be divided. You will discuss specific details of your marriage and the path your marriage has taken leading each spouse to the position they now occupy. This information will be used to determine if alimony is appropriate, and if so the type and the duration will be discussed. Great detail will be paid to your family's specific needs with respect to your children, their safety, and support. Their schedules, as well as the schedules of each parent, must be carefully considered in order to develop a Permanent Parenting Plan which best suits your family.

Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer | Columbia, Maury County Tennessee

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By John Milazo

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