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Franklin Lawyer for Homicide or Murder

Defending Homicide or Murder charges

If you have been arrested and charged with a Homicide or Murder you need an attorney with experience defending these offenses. The attorneys at Milazo Law have this experience. There are various defenses and defensive legal positions to take when you have been arrested and charged. It is imperative to understand the legal issues and defenses associated with these offenses.

Criminal Homicide, First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Criminally Negligent Homicide and Vehicular Homicide.

Criminal homicide is the unlawful killing of another person, which may be first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide or vehicular homicide. The various crimes listed under homicide are based upon the actions (intentional to reckless) and the mental state of the actor. The elements to establish the various crimes under Criminal Homicide are different and usually require a case by case analysis. There are several defenses to homicide which include, but are not limited to self-defense, defense of another or mental health type defenses such as insanity or diminished capacity. Once again the defenses usually require a case by case analysis and can involve the need for an expert to conduct a forensic mental evaluation.

Classification of Offenses

Homicide Offenses are classified as Felony Offenses and range in punishment from 1 year to Life without Parole or in certain cases, the State of Tennessee may seek the Death Penalty for the most heinous First Degree Murder cases depending on the class of felony and the applicable sentencing range. Fines for these offenses vary greatly. Probation is available as an alternative to incarceration for some felony offenses.

If you have been arrested and charged with a Homicide Offense Contact Us at Milazo Law to discuss your case.

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