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While family and Divorce laws in Tennessee are technically gender neutral, many fathers feel at a disadvantage when pursuing child custody, paternity and child support rights. At the Franklin, Tennessee, law firm of Milazo Law, P.C., John Milazo has been helping fathers pursue their rights with respect to their children for more than fourteen years. Unfortunately, in our society there is a tendency to show deference in favor of a mother in determining parenting roles. Despite an ever increasing number of women in the workforce and fathers remaining in the home and caring for the children often an unfair bias in favor of the mother still exists.

As a father himself, John Milazo of Milazo Law P. C. is devoted to defending the rights of fathers to parent their children. The facts of a case and the quality of the parents, along with the schedules of the children should determine the parenting schedule certainly not gender. Although John Milazo does not exclusively represent fathers, when called upon to do so, he aggressively stands up for his client's presumed equal legal rights with respect to their children.

Do you have questions regarding your rights as a father in the Middle Tennessee,area? Contact John Milazo of Milazo Law, for experienced legal help. Call 615-599-7719 or CLICK HERE to leave a message through our website and we will contact you shortly.

Divorce Attorney and Father Representing Parents in Divorce

Unfortunately, our legal system is not perfect. Bias can and often does exist. When this is compounded by attorneys and litigants willing to lie under oath and commit fraud upon the court sometimes fathers and their children are the victims. Often referred to as a "poor woman's divorce", an Order of Protection is sometimes given to mothers who have misrepresented the truth in an attempt to gain an advantage in a Divorce and Child Custody situation. Whether the parties are married, Divorcing or were never wed, an Order of Protection can supersede a Permanent Parenting Plan and can keep children from their father for at least a year. A father's rights with respect to his children, his home, his finances and even his pet can be tragically destroyed when the Court hears a plausible well rehearsed rendition of facts that simply is not true.

Orders of Protection are important. They are necessary to protect hundreds of thousands of abused women, as well as men, throughout the country. Regrettably, there are attorneys who knowingly allow and even encourage their clients to take advantage of the relatively low burden of proof necessary to obtain an Order of Protection when they know that it is at least unlikely that the father actually committed the acts alleged in the petition. To protect your rights as a father and to defend untrue or exaggerated allegations threatening to interfere with your ability to parent your son or daughter, contact John Milazo of Milazo,Law, P. C. in downtown Franklin in Williamson County Tennessee for a free initial consultation at (615) 599-7719 or CLICK HERE and leave us a message through our website and we will contact you shortly.

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Fathers' Rights Lawyer Columbia, Tennessee

Representing Fathers in Tennessee can be difficult in any area, however in more rural jurisdictions people often fear a more female friendly bias may exist. Serving clients in Columbia, TN on behalf of Fathers as well as Mothers of children of Divorce or in Juvenile Court is a big part of what we do here at Milazo Law, P.C.. Proudly, John Milazo has helped many fathers protect their rights to co-parent his children even when the Mother and her family felt strongly that the Mother should serve as a more dominant parent. The Law of Tennessee does not go so far as to mandate a Fifty-Fifty Custody arrangement, but does instruct the Judge to maximize each parents parenting time. In some jurisdictions this has been interpreted as Fathers should have equal parenting time unless proven that that is not in the child or children's best interests by the Mother. Most jurisdictions including Williamson County and Maury County seem to conclude that this simply suggests that the judge should attempt to give each parent as much time as they can and each court seems to agree that a child is better off with a parent than with a babysitter or child care provider even when this is the grandmother or grandfather.

The law continues to trend towards additional parenting time and more inclusion in decision making and participation in daily events of the children by the non-custodial or alternative residential parent (Usually the Father). Joint Custody may serve your children best, but a court is going to consider your families needs before making a decision. To best ensure that your rights are protected, call John Milazo at (615) 599-7719 and let us help you maximize your role as a parent to your kids.

Maury County Divorce Lawyer Representing Fathers

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