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Second and Third Offense DUI

DUI Defense Experience in Franklin, Wiliamson County Tennessee

In addition to all of the isssues for consideration in a DUI First Offense. There are several other factors that must be considered when facing a second DUI or third Offense. An experienced DUI attorney can help you address issues regarding your employment, child custody or visitation and other obligations that may be affected by an arrest for a multiple DUI offense. John Milazo of the Franklin based firm of Milazo Law, P.C. will take the time necessary to help youbuild your defense while sorting out the problems caused by your DUI arrest.

In Tennessee, legal consequences for multiple DUI/DWI offense are severe and can have serious consequences in an offender's life. For instance:

  • Fines range from $600 to $10,000
  • Minimum jail time ranges from 48 days to 120 days
  • Maximum jail time can extend to almost one year
  • License revocation ranges from two to ten years

In addition, further consequences can include community service, probation and vehicle seizure. And while a restricted driver's license may be available after a second (but not a third) offense, offenders' licenses will be revoked upon conviction, resulting in the inability to drive to:

  • School and work
  • Child Care or Visitation and Custody Exchanges
  • Clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Church and to the grocery store
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For more information on penalties and consequences following a second or third DUI conviction, visit our easy-to-read DUI Offense Chart.

Have you been charged as a repeat or habitual DUI offender? Do you have questions regarding potential legal consequences as well as your criminal defense options? Call 615-599-7719.

At the Franklin, Tennessee, law firm of Milazo Law, John Milazo has sucessfully defended several first, second and third DUI offenses, and can provide effective legal help. We can provide aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer following our investigation of:

  • The circumstances surrounding your arrest and initial pull-over
  • The administration of a standardized field sobriety tasks
  • Officers' right to request a chemical blood alcohol content test (BAC) and breathalyzer test

We can also work toward having your license reinstated following your status as a habitual motor vehicle offender (HMVO). For more information regarding our firm and DUI defense services, contact us for a no-charge initial consultation.

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