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Williamson County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Sex Crimes stemming from Internet Communications and Internet Searches for inappropriate content such as Child Pornography carry serious consequences in Tennessee in addition to the potential for Federal Prosecution, as well. Today's technology has armed law enforcement, as well as, certain watch dog organizations with the investigative capabilities giving them access to IP Address of any computer on the internet entering certain targeted keywords into all of the major search engines. Also, as you may have seen on television, law enforcement and others often act as decoys hanging out in chat rooms, representing themselves as underage teens, boys or girls. Often these decoys will initiate flirtatious and sometimes sexual conversations in a general chat room and may even move to a private chat room for more explicit sexual chats. This may involve an attempt to arrange an in-person meeting in order to further build evidence to prosecute a criminal charge of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Possession of Child Pornography, and other even more serious offenses.

Social Media such as Facebook or MySpace allow, somewhat recklessly, for people to assume false identities and allow for people of unverified ages to be friends through the site with one another whether Juvenile or Adult. People have been charged and convicted of Internet Sex Crimes for Facebook conversations between adults and minors, often when a parent of the juvenile or other adult views the child's account and discovers the sexually explicit conversation or chat. Facebook and other social media networks allow unfettered access to underage teens, often unmonitored by their parents, which may lead to an increase in Internet Sex Crimes. Most teens have access to cell phones, tablet devices, and smart phones, which have internet capabilities, as well as, cameras and webcams. The transmission of nude photographs of an adult to a minor is a serious felony in Tennessee, as well as, a Federal Crime. Also, enticing a minor to send nude photographs is Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, as well as, Unlawful Possession of Child Pornography. A person under the age of 18 can also be charged with an Internet Sex Crime for sending or receiving nude photographs of themselves or others in Juvenile Court or may even be prosecuted as an adult. Sexting, text messaging, instant messaging, sending or receiving nude photographs or video, of or to a minor, will likely lead to your arrest for an Internet Sex Crime. If you have been arrested for an Internet Sex Crime or suspect that you may be under investigation for a crime such as Sexual Exploitation of a Minor or Possession or Viewing Child Pornography it is important that you speak with an attorney experienced in handling sexual offenses and who has the skills and knowledge necessary to truly understand the technology which will be used in prosecuting you in your Internet Sex Crime and to successfully defend you and your rights. John Milazo of the Franklin, TN Law Firm of Milazo Law, P.C. located in Williamson County, has more than 14 years of experience defending people like you who may be facing serious felony charges for Sex Crimes stemming from the Internet and other electronic communications. To meet with John Milazo and to discuss the details of your particular situation Contact Us at (615) 599-7719 and we will determine the best defense strategy to protect you from prosecution in your matter.

Many times when facing serious criminal charges, especially of a sexual nature, and most especially a minor or underage teen, people feel compelled to deny any wrongdoing to any and all who will listen. Your actions immediately upon having become aware that you may be suspected of criminal wrongdoing will be interpreted and scrutinized by law enforcement, prosecutors, and ultimately a jury. Likewise, people feel that they may appear to be guilty if they seek the help of an attorney. Whether you have in fact engage in criminal behavior which could lead to your arrest for a Sex Crime or other serious felony or if you have been wrongfully accused of some criminal act, you should immediately upon knowledge of the same contact an attorney and assert all of your available Constitutional Rights.

Law enforcement is trained to attempt to illicit incriminating statements from a suspect using many well-crafted techniques. Commonly law enforcement will attempt a controlled call between a person suspected of a sex crime with a minor and the parent or legal guardian of the minor and sometimes, with a decoy, who purports to be the alleged victim. This may also be done via social media, text message or other electronic communication which may be recorded. Capitalizing on the suspect's compulsion to vehemently deny the allegations, the police craftily use the conversation to verify certain portions of the victim's story which will be used to bolster their credibility as a witness during impending prosecution. Once an allegation has been disclosed or communications or electronic communications have been discovered an indictment will certainly follow. Detectives are trained to not immediately arrest a person they believe to have committed a crime, but to first gather as much incriminating evidence as they can for future use in Court. Without a Search Warrant a police officer cannot search your computer, home, vehicle or smartphone without your express consent for them to do so. If you have been asked to allow Consent for a Search then most likely you are already the target of an investigation and doing so will only serve to compound the evidence against you.

To protect your rights, if you believe you may be being investigated for a Sex Offense immediately seek the advice and protection of an experienced lawyer who has the knowledge and skills required to successfully defend your rights. John Milazo of the Franklin Tennessee Law Firm Milazo Law, P.C. located in Williamson County, has more than 13 years experienced protecting the rights of people, like you, accused of an Internet Sex Crime. Contact John M. Milazo, to discuss in detail the particular details of your circumstances at (615) 599-7719.

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