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Filed in the Juvenile Court of the County where the child resides, a Petition for Dependant and Neglected Child is a petition, filed on behalf of the State by the Department of Children's Services that alleges that a child or children are living in an unhealthy and unsafe household. The Petition seeks to remove the children from the custody of the parent, parents or care giver and to place the child with the other parent, grandparent, family member or foster care. A Dependant and Neglected child Petition may also be filed by a parent, grandparent, family member or other concerned third party with the help of an experienced attorney. Lawyers who practice routinely in Juvenile Court should be familiar with the process and should be able to very quickly file a Petition for Dependant and Neglected Child and ask the Court for a Temporary Restraining Order which temporarily, but immediately removes the neglected child or children from the custody of the offending parent. John M. Milazo of the Franklin, Tennessee Law firm, Milazo Law P.C. has helped many parents, grandparents and other family members, file these emergency petitions and has helped families be granted many Restraining Orders that immediately remove an abused or neglected child from the custody of an abusive or neglectful parent. For a free initial consultation, call John Milazo at 615-599-7719 or click HERE to leave a message through this website and we will contact you shortly.

Child Neglect Attorney Franklin, Williamson County Tennessee

Drug addicted parents often cannot take care of their children and allow them to live in an unhealthy and unsafe environment. In other situations, the physical or mental health of a parent may deteriorate to a point where proper parenting cannot occur. This often occurs without malicious intent, but it still has a negative impact on the child. In these dangerous situations, it is the responsibility of the child or children's other parent, grandparents and other family members to step in and help this child. If you are aware of a child who is living in neglect, first contact the Department of Children's Services or DCS at the child abuse and neglect hotline at 1-877-237-0004. You may also report online at In an emergency, always first call 911 and notify them of the situation. After having done these, you may wish to hire a lawyer to help guide you through the process. An attorney familiar with the Juvenile Court in the County where the child lives can immediately ask the Court for an Emergency Temporary Restraining Order to remove the child or children from the dangerous environment. For a free initial consultation with an experienced Juvenile Court attorney who has represented many people in Dependant and Neglected Child matters, call the office of Milazo Law, P.C. and speak with John M. Milazo today at 615-599-7719 or notify us through our website HERE and we will contact you shortly.

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Drug Abuse or Addiction, Alcohol abuse or addiction, mental or physical health issues usually lead to neglect of the children involved and certainly calls for concerned family members to intervene on behalf of the child. Abuse of a child or children does so as well. Child Abuse may take many forms. Discipline may be carried out in a manner that crosses the line and becomes abuse. Intoxicated parents may go too far or even worse. Grandparents, non-custodial parents, and other concerned family members must not conceal these abusive parents. Abuse must be reported immediately and the child or children involved must be removed and placed in a safe environment. Contact DCS at the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 1-877-237-0004. You may also report online at John M. Milazo of the Franklin TN law firm of Milazo Law, P.C. has more than fourteen years of experience representing grandparents, non-custodial parents and others to help children in Juvenile Court for Williamson County, Maury County, Davidson County and all of the Middle Tennessee Area. For your free initial consultation, call us today at 615-599-7719 and speak with an experienced attorney who is passionate about helping children live without fear of being abused or neglected. To help the child or children in your life, please call today or contact John Milazo HERE to leave a message through our website and we will contact you back shortly.