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Drug Trafficking and Distribution

13 Years of Criminal Defense Experience in Williamson County, TN

Drug distribution charges vary broadly in Tennessee, and range from the "small time" sale of drugs in schools, bars and on neighborhood corners to the large-scale import and trafficking of illegal drugs through California and Texas north and east to Atlanta, Nashville and beyond.

At the Franklin, Tennessee, law firm of Milazo Law, we have handled numerous drug distribution cases for charges ranging from the unauthorized possession and sale of prescription drugs to the handling of the one of the largest non-federal cases in Tennessee, involving hundreds of pounds of marijuana from Mexico. We work with both local defendants and with defendants living in Florida, Texas and other states.

Experienced Legal Help When the War on Drugs Comes to You

The federal government is currently expending enormous resources in its effort to control drug trafficking and distribution. Tactics include pulling over cars due to driving patterns, vehicle and motor home size and other seemingly random factors that agents believe are commonly involved in drug transportation.

If you have been charged with drug distribution involving an automobile, we can immediately question officers' methods. Was the stop legally valid? How did the incident escalate from stopping your car to establishing probable cause, allowing officers to search your vehicle? We have successfully defended numerous clients based on these issues.

Has the government wire-tapped your phone? Have high volumes of drugs been found in your basement, garage or other location? We can provide the aggressive defense you need.

For more information regarding our firm and our drug trafficking and distribution criminal defense legal services, contact us for a no-charge initial consultation.

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If you have Drug Trafficking and Distribution question, contact our firm. We offer free initial consultations, accept credit cards and are conveniently located "in the blue house behind Domino's Pizza," also known as the Carter Cotton Gin House, 109 Cleburne Street, Franklin, Tennessee. To contact a lawyer, call 615-599-7719.

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