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Now more than ever, the role of a Grandparent in the lives of children can be the most stable and secure provider of a child or children's most basic needs, as well as, their best chance at accomplishing a successful future. It has become commonplace in this age of ever increasing divorce statistics and single parent families, for young adults to move in with their parents and bring with them the children of their failed relationships. These kids then are often raised by their grandparents who are forced to assume more of a role of a parental figure in these children's lives than previous generations have seen. Once the benevolent and light-hearted bestower of only gifts and praise, today's grandparent now more often serves as a disciplinarian, educational tutor, transportation provider, and in-home direct role model for their grandchildren. If your grandchild or grandchildren have lived in your home with you for twelve (12) months or more, and have since moved from your home with the child's parent or parents, then there is a presumption in the law that you are entitled to receive grandparent visitation as the law creates a rebuttable presumption that the denial of visitation may result in irreparable harm to the child. If your grandchild or grandchildren have lived with you for less than twelve (12) months you may still be entitled to visitation with your grandchild if you have a significant existing relationship with your grandchild as defined in T.C.A. 36-6-306, and your grandchild would likely suffer substantial emotional harm should your relationship be severed.

Even when they do not reside in the home with the children, and even when they reside in another state, many times it is the relationship between a child and a grandparent or a set of grandparents, that most directly helps a child mature and move forward to lead a healthy adult life. When parents have moved half haphazardly from one relationship to another, substituting one pseudo parent for another, it can be the relationship between his or her grandparents that serves as the beacon by which a child will measure the course of the personal relationships that they encounter in their young life and into their adulthood. Tennessee, as with many other States, has seen a trend in the law moving towards an increased recognition of this relationship and a more aggressive structuring of Grandparents' Rights within the law. if your rights as a Grandparent, and your relationship with your grandchild or grandchildren, has become threatened you may need to seek legal help to restore and protect your rights. John Milazo of Milazo Law, P.C. a Franklin, Tennessee Law Firm located in Williamson County has been helping clients protect their rights for more than 14 years and will fight aggressively to help you help your grandchildren. For a Free Initial Consultation with John M. Milazo you may call (615) 599-7719 or you may CLICK HERE to leave a message through our website and you will be contacted shortly.

Unfortunately, when one parent of a child or children has died it may be difficult for the surviving parent to recognize the importance of these kids maintaining a meaningful relationship with the family of the deceased parent. A kid deserves to know who they are and where they come from and unless harm will come to the child from furthering the relationship the Court is likely to allow the parents of the deceased parent to cultivate and maintain the relationship with the children and will even order specific visitation.

A declining economy and an overall devolving adherence to social values has lead to an increase in drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, recurring patterns of financial irresponsibility. This apathetic, at best, lifestyle to which many young adults have begun to subscribe, has led to an apparent inability to provide for the basic needs of children. Rightfully so, many grandparents fearing for the safety and security of their beloved grandchildren, find themselves feeling desperate and torn between maintaining a relationship with their own child, and their overwhelming sense of obligation to step in and provide for their grandchildren the things that the parents have refused or failed to provide. Ultimately, these situations cannot be repaired with only the best of intentions and well wishes. When communication has deteriorated to a point where you cannot verify the safety of these children or worse, when you are aware that neglect or abuse is occurring, it is your duty to take action. At a minimum, you should anonymously contact the Department of Children's Services at 1-877-237-0004 and notify them of your concerns. Poorly managed, under-staffed, and under-funded, the Department of Children's Services, also known as, DCS, may not meet your expectations and may not immediately or completely dispel your concerns for your grandchildren. For immediate action to protect your grandchildren if may be best for you to contact an experienced and aggressive attorney who has experience representing children and their caregivers, including grandparents, in dire situations that require Emergency Temporary Restraining Orders and immediate court action. John M. Milazo of the Franklin, TN Law Firm Milazo Law, P.C. has helped others, and can help you as well, to protect a child that is in the care of a parent or guardian who either cannot or refuses to provide a healthy environment that is free from abuse and neglect.

In emergency situations it may be necessary to file a Petition for Dependency and Neglect in the Juvenile Court of County where the children reside and ask the Court to issue an Emergency Temporary Restraining Order removing the child from the home and naming you the temporary guardian. John M. Milazo is experienced helping Grandparents and others seeking an Emergency Restraining Order and guardianship of the minor children for whom they are concerned. For a free initial consultation call John Milazo at (615) 599-7719 or CLICK HERE to leave a message through this website and we will contact you shortly.

Grandparent's Rights in Columbia, Tennessee

For help enforcing your rights as a grandparent or to protect your grandchildren you may contact John Milazo of the Franklin, Tennessee law firm Milazo Law, P.C. to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your rights at (615) 599-7719.

See the Tennessee Law on Grandparents' Rights at T.C.A. 36-6-306.

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